Of all the countries I’ve visited, those in Asia are the ones that keep drawing me back more than any other.

From the beautiful beaches of Thailand and Vietnam to the jungles and historic ruins of Cambodia, the bustling cities and towering mountains of Nepal to the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, there’d be so many reasons to visit even if the food was terrible.

Hint: the food is not terrible. I could live exclusively on the incredible street food in most of these countries for months at a time, and that’s without even setting foot inside any of the exceptional restaurants.

Throw in fascinating cultures, huge diversity, and low travel costs across much of the continent, and it’s no wonder that Asia continues to draw travelers by the millions.

Otres beach

The One Reason Sihanoukville Doesn’t Suck

Since writing this post in 2012, Sihanoukville (including, sadly, Otres Beach) has seen massive tourism development. Hundreds of casinos and...

Green Bowl beach sunset, Bali

And then he went back to Bali

“Geck…o” “Geck……o” “Geck……..o” The sound of my favourite reptile erupted from the bushes.  Crickets launched into their nightly chorus as...

Melbourne - Yarra

It’s weird being home

I’ve been back in Melbourne for a few days after finally, reluctantly leaving Thailand.  I’m only here for two weeks...

Songkran in Chiang Mai: Now That’s What I Call a Water Fight

The transition to a new year is celebrated in many different ways around the world. In Thailand, it's with one hell of a water fight.

Longtail on the beach, Koh Nok

The 11 Things I Will Miss Most About Thailand

I can’t believe it’s over. 175 days after I flew to Thailand last year, I’m finally leaving. All going well,...

Tsunami sign

Panic in Phuket: My Tsunami Experience

In a few seconds everything changed. An abrupt announcement over the loudspeakers. The strangely peaceful sound of many hundreds of...

Shopping strip in Bali

The Worst Tourist Traps of South East Asia

While I spend most of my time talking about how much I love South East Asia, there are some places that really just aren't that great...

Perfect beach, Koh Hong

Longtails and beaches: a day on Phang Nga Bay

After the painful kayaking experience of a couple of days earlier, the option of using motorised transport to explore more...

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