Of all the countries I’ve visited, those in Asia are the ones that keep drawing me back more than any other.

From the beautiful beaches of Thailand and Vietnam to the jungles and historic ruins of Cambodia, the bustling cities and towering mountains of Nepal to the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, there’d be so many reasons to visit even if the food was terrible.

Hint: the food is not terrible. I could live exclusively on the incredible street food in most of these countries for months at a time, and that’s without even setting foot inside any of the exceptional restaurants.

Throw in fascinating cultures, huge diversity, and low travel costs across much of the continent, and it’s no wonder that Asia continues to draw travelers by the millions.

Travel planning

Travel plans, and how I can’t stick to them

Travel plans and I don’t tend to get along. I struggle to make them, and then as soon as I’ve...

Stuart, scooter, and rickety bridge, Mekong road trip

An Epic 11-Day Scooter Trip Through the Mekong Delta

My epic 11 day scooter road trip through Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

Snails and beer in Saigon

Snails, seafood and soup in Saigon

I love Saigon. I also love street food. Match made in heaven?  You bet. Perhaps even more than the rest...

Sukhothai elephants

Scenes from Sukhothai

Sukhothai, in north central Thailand, doesn’t tend to make it onto the itineraries of many visitors to the country.  It...

Sky full of lanterns

Yi Peng lantern release: Magic at Mae Jo

The first time I came to Chiang Mai in 2010, I didn’t even know what Yi Peng was.  Each year,...

Flooded paddies in Kampot

Kampot’s chilled-out charm

After lazing around forever on Otres beach and trying to avoid Koh Rong’s wildlife, it was finally time to leave...

Solo palm tree, Koh Rong

Beaches, Bugs, and Bovines: Three Days on Koh Rong

After a perfect ten days on Otres beach we reluctantly decided to move on. It would have been far too...

Bokor church

Amidst the ruins of Bokor Hill Station

For the last forty years Bokor Hill Station in southern Cambodia has been slowly falling into ruin. Built by French...

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