Flooded paddies in Kampot

Kampot’s chilled-out charm

After lazing around forever on Otres beach and trying to avoid Koh Rong’s wildlife, it was finally time to leave...

Solo palm tree, Koh Rong

Beaches, Bugs, and Bovines: Three Days on Koh Rong

After a perfect ten days on Otres beach we reluctantly decided to move on. It would have been far too...

Bokor church

Amidst the ruins of Bokor Hill Station

For the last forty years Bokor Hill Station in southern Cambodia has been slowly falling into ruin. Built by French...

Otres beach

The One Reason Sihanoukville Doesn’t Suck

Since writing this post in 2012, Sihanoukville (including, sadly, Otres Beach) has seen massive tourism development. Hundreds of casinos and...

Shopping strip in Bali

The Worst Tourist Traps of South East Asia

While I spend most of my time talking about how much I love South East Asia, there are some places that really just aren't that great...

Young man with backpack in SE Asia

25 Tips for Backpacking Around Southeast Asia

25 tips for backpacking around Southeast Asia, from tuk-tuks to temples and everything in between.

Angkor Wat

Making the most of the temples of Angkor

Angkor Wat. Even the name conjures up a sense of wonder and mystery, an appreciation of both the incredible feats...