Western Europe

Camino - single walker

Reflections on the Camino

What walking a Camino de Santiago, 865km across northern Spain from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Finisterre, meant to me.

Camino day 1 view

My Detailed Camino de Santiago Packing List

All the gear I took on the Camino Frances.

Camino dirt track

Why I’m Walking the Camino

What led me to walk the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain.

Vienna street art

The Random Street Art of Vienna

I’ll admit that I didn’t love Vienna.  After falling hard for Ljubljana earlier in the week, the size, cost and...

Piazzaga donkey

Torno to Piazzaga: a tale of two donkeys

Getting to Piazzaga is not particularly easy. I stayed for a few days in this tiny village in the hills...

Lake Como view

Como without the crowds

Beautiful scenery. Crowds of well-heeled tourists. George Clooney. If you’d asked me about Lake Como a week ago, that’s about...

Pigeon in San Sebastian

San Sebastian, You’re Something Special

“Have you been to San Sebastian?  It’s amazing!” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a variation...

Coffee in La Coruna

Six days in La Coruna

I knew nothing about La Coruna before I arrived.  A smallish city of around a quarter million inhabitants on Spain’s...

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