Australia and New Zealand

Growing up in New Zealand, the stunning landscape and laid-back lifestyle were something I just took for granted. It’s only since returning as a traveler that I’ve been able to see it with fresh eyes, and become able to appreciate just how incredible a country it really is.

Likewise, I lived in both Sydney and Melbourne for several years, but as great as those cities are, the best parts of Australia lie outside the population centres. From deserted beaches to natural wonders, it’s all there to explore.

Looking down a dirt trail in the You Yangs Regional Park, with trees either side and views out over surrounding countryside in the distance

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking in the You Yangs

A detailed guide to hiking trails in You Yangs regional park, Victoria, Australia

Kiwi bird foraging in undergrowth on Ulva Island, New Zealand

14 Incredible Things to Do on Stewart Island

These are 14 of the best things to do on wonderful Stewart Island, at the bottom of New Zealand

View over lake, mountains, and the town of Queenstown, New Zealand, at sunsetth

33 of the Best Things to Do In and Around Queenstown

There's so much to do in Queenstown that even these 30+ options feel like the tip of the iceberg!

Vineyards close to sunset with mountains in background

13 Things to Do in and Around Blenheim

From cycling through vineyards to swimming with dolphins, here are over a dozen great things to do in and around Blenheim, New Zealand.

Rock archway at Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand

17 Cool and Quirky Things to Do in the Coromandel

Looking for fun, cool, and quirky things to do in the Coromandel? Here's a whole bunch of them!

Woman looking out at the view from the top of the Centre of New Zealand walk at sunset in Nelson, New Zealand

27 Fun-Filled Things to Do in Nelson

Looking for fun things to do in and around Nelson, New Zealand? Here's a whole bunch of them!

View over a walkway onto Papamoa Beach at sunset

17 of the Best Things to Do In and Around Tauranga

A bunch of great things to do in and around Tauranga, from hiking to art, water sports to beaches, and more.

Rock and reflections in the sand at low tide at Wharariki beach, Golden Bay, New Zealand

17 Sun-Kissed Things to Do in Tākaka and Golden Bay

If you dream of escaping the rat race and spending your days in a slice of sun and sand-filled paradise, it's time to head to Golden Bay!

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