Of all the countries I’ve visited, those in Asia are the ones that keep drawing me back more than any other.

From the beautiful beaches of Thailand and Vietnam to the jungles and historic ruins of Cambodia, the bustling cities and towering mountains of Nepal to the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, there’d be so many reasons to visit even if the food was terrible.

Hint: the food is not terrible. I could live exclusively on the incredible street food in most of these countries for months at a time, and that’s without even setting foot inside any of the exceptional restaurants.

Throw in fascinating cultures, huge diversity, and low travel costs across much of the continent, and it’s no wonder that Asia continues to draw travelers by the millions.

Longtail on the beach, Koh Nok

Exhaustion, sunburn and lizards: kayaking to Koh Nok

“We should go kayaking.  It’ll be fun.” And with those fateful words, an exciting day full of sunburn, exhaustion and...

Empty beach

A place I don’t want to tell you about

I’m slumped in a camping chair on my guesthouse balcony.  Looking out over the foliage I can see dozens of...

Surfing Dave

A klutz learns to surf in Bali

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a klutz. Grace and agility are not words that people...

Canoeing on Lake Batur

A volcano, a canoe and a holy lake in Bali

“Seriously, rain again?” I was sensing a theme here. Just like our cycle tour through the rice paddies a week...

Teenage macaque just outside Monkey Forest

The inhabitants of Ubud’s Monkey Forest

Our cab inched slowly down the street, the driver well and truly lost. We had driven all the way from...

Mountain views in Bali

Rain and rice paddies: a cycle tour in Bali

I groaned as the alarm clock blasted into life.  It was far too early to get out of bed. Finally...


The best diving of my life off Koh Lanta

I love diving. When you’re under the water nothing else matters.  It’s an alien world down there.  A beautiful, amazing...

Phi Phi viewpoint

A surprising day on Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi.  It’s an interesting sort of a place. Along with Khao San Road in Bangkok, this little group...

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