Red gates, Kyoto

My First Impressions of Japan

Traveling in Japan was like nowhere else I've been, with each day a barrage of unique experiences. These are my first impressions of this wonderful country.

Remains of dumplings

Exploring (But Mostly Just Eating) Taipei

I’d had no plans to go to Taiwan. It’s not like I had anything against the country. It’s just that,...

Dancing fisherman on Inle Lake

Two Days on Inle Lake: The Good, the Bad, and the Big Fat Cheroot

The fog was finally starting to burn off as we rolled into Shwe Nyaung, scrunched up in a minibus without...

Horse and carriage at Bagan

Avoiding Accidents, Heatstroke and Everyone Else in Bagan

“Not like that!!” I yelled again, drawing a raised eyebrow from the elderly couple walking past. “Lauren! Slow down!” Seconds...

Finally Making it to Myanmar

It took far longer than it should. I’d been talking about going to Myanmar for years. I remember listening to...

Negombo sunset

A Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sri Lanka

Travelling to Sri Lanka on a budget? This 6000+ word guide covers everything you need to know.

Prayer flags, Kathmandu

The Lost Art of Stepping Away

I went to Nepal last month. With Lauren recovering from mono and the rainy season already starting, trekking was off...

Saigon scooters

Why You Shouldn’t Overstay Your Vietnamese Visa

“Please come this way.” The young immigration officer ushered me towards an open door, his immaculately-polished shoes squeaking slightly on...

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