Of all the countries I’ve visited, those in Asia are the ones that keep drawing me back more than any other.

From the beautiful beaches of Thailand and Vietnam to the jungles and historic ruins of Cambodia, the bustling cities and towering mountains of Nepal to the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, there’d be so many reasons to visit even if the food was terrible.

Hint: the food is not terrible. I could live exclusively on the incredible street food in most of these countries for months at a time, and that’s without even setting foot inside any of the exceptional restaurants.

Throw in fascinating cultures, huge diversity, and low travel costs across much of the continent, and it’s no wonder that Asia continues to draw travelers by the millions.

The Ultimate 10-Day Itinerary for South Korea

Absolutely everything you need to know to craft the perfect itinerary for your time in South Korea!

View over steep, jagged granite peaks with forested slopes on both sides. Blue sky with some white clouds above.

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Seoraksan National Park

A detailed guide to visiting one of my favourite places in South Korea, Seoraksan National Park.

View towards large, rocky, jagged peaks in Seoraksan National Park, South Korea. Dense tree canopy below the mountain range, blue sky with some clouds above

How to Get to Seoraksan National Park: Everything You Need to Know

Heading to South Korea's Seoraksan National Park? Great decision! Here's everything you need to know about getting there.

Koh Chang beach at sunset

How to Get From Bangkok to the Koh Chang Islands

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang, Koh Mak, and Koh Kood in the south of Thailand, by plane, bus, minivan, and ferry.

Red gates, Kyoto

My First Impressions of Japan

Traveling in Japan was like nowhere else I've been, with each day a barrage of unique experiences. These are my first impressions of this wonderful country.

Remains of dumplings

Exploring (But Mostly Just Eating) Taipei

I’d had no plans to go to Taiwan. It’s not like I had anything against the country. It’s just that,...

Dancing fisherman on Inle Lake

Two Days on Inle Lake: The Good, the Bad, and the Big Fat Cheroot

The fog was finally starting to burn off as we rolled into Shwe Nyaung, scrunched up in a minibus without...

Horse and carriage at Bagan

Avoiding Accidents, Heatstroke and Everyone Else in Bagan

“Not like that!!” I yelled again, drawing a raised eyebrow from the elderly couple walking past. “Lauren! Slow down!” Seconds...

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