Thermal pools view, Yellowstone

The incredible diversity of Yellowstone

After a wonderful couple of days hiking in Grand Teton National Park, we drove the full ten miles to its...

Lewis and Clark caverns

Heading underground with Lewis and Clark

Between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks lies a few hundred miles of wide open Montana countryside.  Majestic in their own...

Roller coaster in Denver

Why roller coasters and hangovers do not mix

“You’ve never been on a roller coaster??!” I have no idea how many times I was asked that question, but...

Emerald Lakes sun

The wild beauty of Zion National Park

Vegas shimmered in the rear view mirror, the afternoon heat rising in waves as we drove east.  For Diana this...

Mustang and 101 sign

Seattle to San Diego: An Epic 3-Week Road Trip on US Route 101

From Seattle to San Francisco on the amazing Route 101. In a convertible Mustang, of course.

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