Central and Eastern Europe

Walking Dave

A day in the life

It’s 7:59am. All is quiet in a darkened room in Bucharest.  Blankets lie discarded on the floor.  The room was...

View over rooftops towards large church spires in Zagreb, Croatia

Beers and Broken Relationships in Zagreb

When you hear about Croatia from anyone who has been there, it’s all about the beaches. “You have to go...

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes: just go there already

I’d been to Croatia once before, spending a few days in the northwest of the country back in 2006.  While...

Cobbled streets, Eger

Scenes from Eger (that don’t involve wine)

Eger, a large town in the north of Hungary, is famous for several things – the quality of its wines,...

Houses of Parliament, Budapest

Briefly Budapest

Working out how long to spend in a place you’ve never been is tough. You try to be all scientific...

Bratislava sunset

Sculptures and sunsets: a day in Bratislava

“Check out that sunset!” Sitting in our lovely little apartment just outside the centre of Bratislava, I’d happened to glance...

Prague rooftops

Changing impressions of Prague

The train ride from Frankfurt to Prague had been simple.  We turned up a few minutes before it was due...

Ljubljana view from the castle

Is Ljubljana the Best Little City in Europe?

Is Ljubljana the best little city in Europe? After spending several days there, I'm really starting to think it might be.

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