Kolmanskop doors

My Ultimate Guide to Traveling in Namibia

My huge free Namibia guide: destinations, safety, driving, food, and much more.

Sand dunes and Dave

Less Is More

After travelling for five years, I was so sick of it, I thought I'd never get my travel buzz back. I finally did, learning less is actually more.

Dave at the mast

Why I Lost 30 Pounds When I Stopped Travelling

Long-term travel made me fat and miserable. When I stopped, I lost 30 pounds. Here's why.

Camino - single walker

Reflections on the Camino

What walking a Camino de Santiago, 865km across northern Spain from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Finisterre, meant to me.

Lauren with book

The Proudest I’ve Ever Been

It’s August 13th. For most people, it’s just another random Thursday… but here in this stuffy little apartment in Ljubljana, it’s...

Camino dirt track

Why I’m Walking the Camino

What led me to walk the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain.

Remains of dumplings

Exploring (But Mostly Just Eating) Taipei

I’d had no plans to go to Taiwan. It’s not like I had anything against the country. It’s just that,...

Dancing fisherman on Inle Lake

Two Days on Inle Lake: The Good, the Bad, and the Big Fat Cheroot

The fog was finally starting to burn off as we rolled into Shwe Nyaung, scrunched up in a minibus without...

Horse and carriage at Bagan

Avoiding Accidents, Heatstroke and Everyone Else in Bagan

“Not like that!!” I yelled again, drawing a raised eyebrow from the elderly couple walking past. “Lauren! Slow down!” Seconds...


Listening to John

And so this is Christmas And what have we done? Another year over A new one just begun I’ve always...

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