Australia and New Zealand

Growing up in New Zealand, the stunning landscape and laid-back lifestyle were something I just took for granted. It’s only since returning as a traveler that I’ve been able to see it with fresh eyes, and become able to appreciate just how incredible a country it really is.

Likewise, I lived in both Sydney and Melbourne for several years, but as great as those cities are, the best parts of Australia lie outside the population centres. From deserted beaches to natural wonders, it’s all there to explore.

Building Christchurch

Returning to Christchurch

I wasn’t looking forward to returning to Christchurch. This was the city that I knew best in New Zealand. It’s...

Akaroa road in the evening

Exploring the beautiful Banks Peninsula

Now things were starting to look very familiar. Over the previous month we had slowly headed down from the top...

Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

Hiking the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand

We’d arrived in Picton the day before, making the three hour ferry crossing across Cook Strait on the kind of...

Wellington cable car

A glorious stay in the Kiwi capital

It was hard to believe that we were almost halfway through our time in New Zealand.  We’d made it right...

Tongariro Crossing

A Long Day in the Mountains: Hiking the Tongariro Crossing

Finally the day had come. We were preparing to walk the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a 20-odd kilometre trek in the...


Stinky, spectacular Rotorua

Rotorua stinks. I mean, literally, it really stinks. The small city is built on a geothermal hotspot that brings bubbling...

Sunset, Mount Maunganui.jpg

Mount Maunganui, you’re kinda great

The drive from Waitomo to Mount Maunganui only took a couple of hours, the road winding through rolling farmland that...

Cave thinker, Lost World Tour, Waitomo

Dropping in on the Waitomo Caves

100 metres really isn’t very far.  Just ask Usain Bolt. It’s funny, though.  When you’re standing on the edge of...

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