Australia and New Zealand

Growing up in New Zealand, the stunning landscape and laid-back lifestyle were something I just took for granted. It’s only since returning as a traveler that I’ve been able to see it with fresh eyes, and become able to appreciate just how incredible a country it really is.

Likewise, I lived in both Sydney and Melbourne for several years, but as great as those cities are, the best parts of Australia lie outside the population centres. From deserted beaches to natural wonders, it’s all there to explore.

Alpacas beside river - closeup

Hiking With Alpacas In New Zealand (or How to Have a Very Happy Girlfriend)

That time I went hiking with alpacas in New Zealand.

Mueller Hut Route view

The Mueller Hut Route: A Gloriously Tough Day Hike

The Mueller Hut route in Mount Cook National Park was a tough, sweaty, wonderful day hike.

Great Barrier Reef - Frank

Sun, Sea, and Shitloads of Sharks

From night dives with sharks to meeting Frank the giant wrasse, diving the Great Barrier Reef exceeded all expectations.

27 of my favourite things about New Zealand

So that was it. 63 days after flying into New Zealand, I flew back out again. In the meantime I’d...

Dunes and ocean

Bidding farewell at Farewell Spit

Our time in New Zealand was rapidly coming to an end. We’d been in my homeland for two months, travelling...

Fox Glacier

That time I walked on a glacier

New Zealand is a pretty underpopulated place. Slightly larger than the UK with about one-fifteenth of the people, nowhere outside...

Wanaka sunset

Wanaka: Films, frustration and fantastic sunsets

After three chilled-out days in Queenstown that consisted mostly of eating ridiculously large hamburgers, afternoon drinking and riding on jetboats,...

The beautiful solitude of Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound. Heard of it? Most people haven’t, even those who’ve spent a bit of time in New Zealand. It’s...

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