Sand dunes and Dave

Less Is More

After travelling for five years, I was so sick of it, I thought I'd never get my travel buzz back. I finally did, learning less is actually more.

Camino dirt track

Why I’m Walking the Camino

What led me to walk the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain.


Listening to John

And so this is Christmas And what have we done? Another year over A new one just begun I’ve always...


Is It Time to Stop?

It’s a natural tendency to want to know what happens next. That’s why people read horoscopes, mindlessly scroll through Facebook...

Running in Chiang Mai

It’s Time For A Change

It was New Year’s Eve last night. I didn’t do much, really — certainly less than in previous years. I’m...

Dave, Koh Rong

15 Life Lessons from 15 Years of Travel

Early February, 1998. Janet Jackson had just hit number one on the Billboard charts, Bill Gates had just received a...

Sunset at Otres

2013: less is more

It’s time. We’re already seventeen days into the new year, and I probably should have made these resolutions long ago. ...

Looking down

Just a little longer

I want to travel, but…    …my girlfriend doesn’t want to come with me…    …my family don’t understand…   ...

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