Sand dunes and Dave

Less Is More

After travelling for five years, I was so sick of it, I thought I'd never get my travel buzz back. I finally did, learning less is actually more.

Sunrise arrow, Camino Portuguese

Why I’m Walking the Camino de Santiago Across Northern Spain

What led me to walk the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain.

Dave, Koh Rong

15 Life Lessons from 15 Years of Travel

Early February, 1998. Janet Jackson had just hit number one on the Billboard charts, Bill Gates had just received a...

Looking down

Just a little longer

I want to travel, but…    …my girlfriend doesn’t want to come with me…    …my family don’t understand…   ...

Bowling party

The strange thing about comfort zones

Comfort zones. They’re funny old things. Usually when travellers write about breaking out of a comfort zone, we’re talking about...

Travel shirt in Halong Bay

Ode to a shirt

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today outside this crappy guesthouse in Kuta to say farewell to a dear and...


The real reasons I am lucky

 “You’re so lucky.” Those three words have been the background music to the movie of my life. For well over...


A Breakup Letter

Dear Big Corporate World, It’s over. I think we’ve both known it for a while, but the time has finally...

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