Australia and New Zealand

Growing up in New Zealand, the stunning landscape and laid-back lifestyle were something I just took for granted. It’s only since returning as a traveler that I’ve been able to see it with fresh eyes, and become able to appreciate just how incredible a country it really is.

Likewise, I lived in both Sydney and Melbourne for several years, but as great as those cities are, the best parts of Australia lie outside the population centres. From deserted beaches to natural wonders, it’s all there to explore.

Bloated car, MONA

Hobart, you’re a great little city

I’ve got a soft spot for Tasmania. Maybe it’s because the scenery and weather remind me a lot of New...

Beauty in the Blue Mountains

It was a long way from Port Macquarie to Katoomba. Now that wasn’t a surprise – in a place like...


Hello, Australia!

It was as if the travel gods were trying to tell us something. We really hadn’t wanted to leave Saigon. ...

Bowling party

The strange thing about comfort zones

Comfort zones. They’re funny old things. Usually when travellers write about breaking out of a comfort zone, we’re talking about...

Melbourne - Yarra

It’s weird being home

I’ve been back in Melbourne for a few days after finally, reluctantly leaving Thailand.  I’m only here for two weeks...

Dave and Chantelle

I did it in a dress

Well it has sure been an interesting few months. And I sure have been wearing a dress a lot. I...

Melbourne tram

Why I Love Melbourne

I moved to Melbourne nearly three years ago, and like a quirky but endearing relative, the city has quietly worked...


Hiking New Zealand’s Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Note:  I’m publishing this post as part of Blog4NZ, a grassroots effort from travel bloggers to promote my home of...

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