Running Dave

On Travel, Fitness and the Longest 26 Miles of My Life

January 17, 2014 | Fitness | 10 Comments

You could say that I’ve had a varied sporting career.

I played both football and cricket as a kid, but gave them up by my mid-teens due to a lack of both time and skill. When I had the choice of either attending cricket practice or my after-school job, those fifty bucks a week seemed a better option than having my gentle off-spinners smashed around the local park for a few hours.

Like many people, any fitness I once had disappeared fast once I hit university. A steady diet of fast food and cheap beer didn’t do much for my waistline, and exercise seemed far too much like hard work. After four years of that, I was developing an impressive middle-age spread … at twenty two.

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Running Dave

On running and friendship in Thailand

November 18, 2011 | Thailand, Travel | 14 Comments

At first glance it didn’t seem like the best of ideas.

At second glance it seemed even worse.

Wake up at 4.30am.
Ride a scooter (for the first time in a year, naturally) 30km out of town. On the highway. In the dark.
Once the sun rises and things start to heat up, run 10km on country roads and tracks.
Now that the traffic has got nice and heavy, ride back to Chiang Mai again. Try not to die.
And yet despite all of that, last Sunday turned out to be one of those wonderful days that totally affirmed my decision to do what I’m doing right now. More than once did I look around, grin from ear to ear and say to myself:

“You know what? I f*cking love my life.”

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