I’m off!

May 15, 2008 | Travel | 2 Comments

Well I’m sitting here typing this somewhere above the Tasman Sea, enjoying the wonderful service and just overall special experience that only comes with a Jetstar flight out of Chch at 6.15am. Combine that with about 2 hours of broken sleep (yeah sorry SJ, your couch really aint that comfortable…) and you’ve got the perfect start to any trip really. Still, hard to complain when a quick glance into the future only shows months and months of fun in the sun ahead. Five months of travel and not working, you say? Oh go on then…

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And so it begins…

April 11, 2008 | Travel | 0 Comments

Well, who would have thought … I’ve finally stopped talking about packing it all in and going travelling again … and am actually doing it! Yeah yeah, better late than never and all that. Hey I’m a guy, I’m supposed to fear change … apparently.

So anyway, I handed in my notice a couple of weeks back, finish working a month from now, and the fun begins a few days after that. Hopefully won’t be working for 5 months or so … a couple of trips around the world later. Crazy? Probably. Fun? I’ll be doing my best…

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