And Then He Wrote a Book…

As you may have noticed, things have been a bit quiet around here lately.

I mean, it’s not like I hold myself to a rigorous posting schedule these days, but even for me, two posts and a couple of photos in a month is pretty lax. The good thing, I guess, is that I have an excuse… and for a change, it’s a pretty decent one.

You see, even though I’ve been living a few hundred metres from the Caribbean Sea for the last month and dining on delicious street food all the time (tacos de arrachera and tortas de cochinita pibil have changed my life), I’ve been spending all day, every day in my apartment or hunched over my laptop in a local coffee shop.

Why, you may rightly ask? Why on earth would I inflict such punishment on myself?

Well, you see, it’s because I’ve been writing a book.

I’ll be honest, it’s been a challenge. I knew that the only way I’d get it done would be by setting myself a deadline that was almost impossible to meet and as a result, I’ve probably been fairly unpleasant to live with for the last few weeks. Lauren hasn’t murdered me yet, though, so that’s got to be a positive sign… right?

In any case, I gave myself a month to write and publish the book, and then publicly announced it so that there was no going back. And… well… it’s happened!

The book is called Hammocks and Hard Drives: The Tech Guide for Digital Nomads“, and it’s available now for Kindle. If you don’t have a physical Kindle, you can read the book in your browser or download the app for phones and tablets here.

Whether you already work from the road or are planning to, my goal with this book was to provide you with all of the straightforward, practical tech advice you need to do so.

Over the course of 10 detailed chapters I:

HHD cover

  • give you the knowledge to choose exactly which equipment you need — and be certain about what you don’t. Whether it’s a laptop, phone, hard drive or anything else, you’ll be able to focus on the features that matter on the road, and go beyond the sales people and specifications to make truly informed decisions.
  • help you and your data stay secure in highly-insecure environments (including some you probably haven’t thought about). You’ll have the right tools and gear to get faster, cheaper and more reliable Internet connections anywhere in the world — and will know what to do when those connections inevitably stop working.
  • save you money on phone and data bills, and explain how to collaborate effectively with others whether they’re on the other side of the table or the other side of the world. You’ll know exactly how to prevent a tech disaster from destroying your business, and which websites and apps are worth your time and money.

In short, I completely demystify the technology behind life as a digital nomad. By the end of this book, you’ll be armed with the technical knowledge, skills, equipment and tools to run your business from wherever in the world you happen to be.

There’s much more detail in the Amazon listing, of course, and you can even read the first twenty pages for free (which includes much of the chapter on choosing the right laptop for working from the road.)

I really hope you find Hammocks and Hard Drives useful, and I’m always happy to hear from you with any questions or thoughts about the book.

Thanks in advance for your support!

21 Responses to “And Then He Wrote a Book…

  • Well done that is amazing! I shall have to buy it! 🙂 Even though I’m actually not a Digital Nomad… yet!

    • Thanks Helen! It’s probably even more useful before you’ve started off as a digital nomad — you don’ t have to make all of the same tech mistakes as everyone else! 😉

  • Congrats Dave. I know how much hard work goes into a project like this. Time to celebrate!

  • This sounds like a really practical guide. Congrats on finishing it so quickly, that can’t be easy. Im looking forward to picking up this book when I get my Kindle soon.

    • It wasn’t the most fun month of my life, I’ll admit — but it does feel great to have finished, and now to be able to take a few days away from the laptop. Woohoo! 🙂

  • This comes at a perfect time for me as I am right now trying to figure out exactly what I want to purchase before my next trip. I am low skill leveled with technology, so it’s really difficult to decide what to purchase when you don’t know what to purchase. I just got my first smartphone for crissakes and it’s overwhelming me.

    Your book is purchased (score one for my new scary smart phone!) and I thank you for making my future technology choices that much easier!

    • Thanks so much, Jennifer! Really appreciate the support, and let me know if it’s useful for you!

  • Catherine
    4 years ago

    Wow, can’t believe you wrote a book in just one month, that is impressive! Have had a look at a few snippets on Amazon and looks really good, very practical.

    • Yeah, the one month thing was tough. There were a few reasons for the deadline, but the main one was that after moving slowly for several months, I was going to start travelling faster again from Feb 14 for a few weeks, so if it wasn’t finished by then, it’d be *another* month before I could even look at it again. I also knew that I’d be starting a regular freelance writing gig from the end of this month, which is good for the bank balance, but another drain on the time I have to devote to other things. So I guess it just had to be done! 🙂

  • Best of luck with it!! I’m fairly new to the blogging game, so I’ll be in line to buy/download it too – looking forward to reading what advice you can offer 🙂

  • Cool. I don’t think I can do that. Not enjoying the sea and just stay cooped up in my apartment to write — for a month. It really speaks of what most travelers do. I am also a traveler and I want to venture into blogging, so it would really help to get some of your tips.

  • Hi Dave, plan to buy the book soon – can you tell me if it covers or recommends internet providers and equipment to buy in Aussie? (I’m an ex-pat kiwi now living in Aus). We are hitting the road and going bush as grey nomads next year and I need to stay ‘connected’… Andy

    • Hi Andy, thanks for the support! I don’t make specific recommendations about equipment and providers in Australia in the book, because things change so fast that they’d be quickly out of date. That said, I did live in Australia for many years, and will be returning for a month in April — I make the offer at the back of the book to help out with any questions that readers have, so you’re welcome to hit me up on that email address for specifics. 🙂

  • Angus Pryor
    4 years ago

    Hi Dave

    Really impressive writing a book within a month. I’m wondering about the preparation you did before sitting down to write. Had you been mulling over the content for some time beforehand?



    • Hey Angus,

      I had a basic structure and outline in my head before sitting down to write, plus most of one chapter in draft from a few months ago. The other 90%, though? That all had to come out in a month. 🙂

      • Awesome effort. Writing a book is certainly on my bucket list – I just need to come up with a topic : )

  • Hi Dave,
    Is it on sale yet? Would love to buy it but it says pricing information is not available? I’ve got a UK Amazon account.

  • The key points that your book addresses is what a newly minted digital nomad like myself needs to take into account to be successful. I’ll have to find some room in my budget for this … but good on you for creating this man!

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