What a difference a day makes

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The morning dawned bright and clear (unlike my head) and within minutes of leaving town I could see why the Bay of Fires was such a renowned spot.  With the sun shining the place took on an entirely new perspective and I began to wonder what it would take to be able to have a holiday home in the area.  A lottery win, probably.  In any case I soon arrived at Binalong Bay, at the southern end of the Bay of Fires, and it was just stunning.  In a wide sweep as far as the eye could see, the dazzling white sand and crashing aqua waves were a sure recipe to relax the soul (and reduce the hangover), and I spent over an hour quietly wandering along the beach.  With the sun on my face and the wind in my non-existent hair, I could have happily spent days here doing very little else.

Eventually however it was time to move on, and after washing the sand from my feet and bidding a fond farewell to the coast I headed inland towards Launceston via Scottsville.  If you’re a motorbike rider or love to drive, all I can say is – take this road.  Just try to keep at least one eye on the winding tarmac while the stunning vistas unfold all around you.  I caught up with Terry the cyclist on the road up the hill (he was pretty hard to miss with big Welsh flags flying from the back of his bike) and had a quick chat on the side of the road while drinking in the views.  On the way back down I stopped on the side of the road for a quick wander along a rainforest trail (the Myrtle Forest, apparently) before carrying on through to Launceston.

IMG_0595 My plan had been to spend the night there, but I hadn’t factored in the roots music festival that was taking place just out of town that weekend.  All of the budget accommodation was booked solid, and faced with the choice of spending a small fortune or carrying on to Deloraine, my wallet chose the latter.  First impressions of the Highview Lodge were good – a ramshackle old place with plenty of character and million dollar views out over the Great Western Tiers.  Sadly the views were the best thing about the place – with ‘no fun’ style signs everywhere, rickety bunks, thin mattresses, outdoor bathrooms and the grumpiest (and weirdest) manager I’ve come across in recent years, it’s pretty hard to recommend this hostel.

On the flip side, I can highly recommend the Deloraine Deli – a gourmet cafe that seems almost out of place in this town of only 2000 people, and serves great coffee and excellent food. After an afternoon exploring the town and surrounding area, I can say that overall I liked Deloraine – it’s a nice little place.  Just avoid the YHA hostel if you can.

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  • mmm Binalong Bay. I’m not into beaches, but I could totally get into hanging out @ Binalong Bay long term. Glad I got there when I did, as this place is about to blow up, in 5-10 years it will be a totally different place.

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