The Friday Photo #96 – The rolling hills of Appenzell

Wasserauen, Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country, with one feature even more famous than either cheese or chocolate.  The topography.  On a day trip from Zurich east to Appenzell a straight piece of road seemed almost impossible to find as our coach slowly wound backwards and forwards through the hills.

Fortunately there were plenty of places to stop along the way for anyone feeling a little car-sick.  Surprisingly enough most of them were selling … well … cheese.  Or chocolate.  Or sometimes – just to mix things up a bit – they sold both.

5 Responses to “The Friday Photo #96 – The rolling hills of Appenzell

  • For a second I thought this was Pripyat! 😉

  • Was there cheese? I believe an Aussie tourist once almost got lost forever in a chocolate factory near here. Hmmmm… Never thought I’d have any regrets in life 😉

    • I think you might be right. I heard rumours of that Australian tourist making an entire coachload of people wait while she bought the entire contents of the chocolate factory. Of course, I put no stock in rumours…..

  • SO pretty! I love the mixture of the green grass and yellow building.

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