The Friday Photo #88 – A view of Cambodia

Mid afternoon and the sun is beating down, the only sounds the buzz of small insects and my own laboured breathing.

I have just climbed three steep layers of weathered steps to the top of Pre Rup, a small temple in the shadow of nearby giants like Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat.

Rainclouds are gathering on the horizon – as they have done every night since my arrival in Cambodia – but I am in no rush, knowing that any storm is still some hours away.

I gaze out over the dense jungle, the verdant foliage largely unchanged in the thousand years this building has stood here.

The view may not have changed much but everything around it incomparably has, and I realise that I have no conception what life was like for those that stood where I do a millennium ago.

And then I walk slowly down the stairs to my tuk-tuk and head back into town for a shower and a cold beer.

That’s more than enough reflection for one day.

6 Responses to “The Friday Photo #88 – A view of Cambodia

  • Hi Dave. I found you from the Travel Blogger Facebook Groups. Was interested in your site as you seem to take time to comment and contribute to the groups. Glad I found you, as I enjoy looking through your site.

    Cambodia has a special place in my heart. This photo is beautiful, and your words make it even more inviting. — Michelle

    • Thanks for taking the time to swing by, Michelle, and for your kind words 🙂 Cambodia is a pretty special place hey?

  • Rebecca
    6 years ago

    Fantastic shot! im inspired!

  • Spectacular shot… I liked the contrast… Angkor wat is topping the trend among the travelers…

  • I genuinely think that Angkor is the most incredible thing I have ever seen! Love your photo – I too did that climb and it is hard work in the Cambodian heat. Did you go up Ta Keo at all? Even tougher!

    Love your site and will be sure to keep reading. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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