The Friday Photo #87 – Iconic Sydney

Sydney is not my favourite city in Australia – that accolade definitely goes to Melbourne – but there is at least one thing that the Harbour City does better than its southern neighbour.


It has iconic beaches – Bondi is the most famous, but there are dozens of others.

It has an iconic harbour, with a particularly iconic bridge going across it.

And it sure has an iconic opera house.

Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1957, the building was ten years late and 14x over budget by the time it was completed.  Arguments, redesigns and resignations marred its progress, and it is somewhat miraculous that the damn thing got built at all.

None of that matters, though, when you walk across the Harbour Bridge and take a moment to gaze out at the ferries gliding by.  There is no mistaking where in world you are when you see those distinctive eggshells glistening in the afternoon sun.

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