The Friday Photo #86 – The road to nowhere, Pai

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Dotted around the small town of Pai in northern Thailand are signs pointing vaguely in the direction of a viewpoint.  Never one to turn down a good vista (or an excuse for a motorbike ride), I headed out of town and up into the hills.

Past the dogs and chickens I rode as the road got steadily narrower.  The scenery improved as the track got worse, the bike got slower as the slope got steeper, and eventually I found myself less than 100m from the viewpoint.

The world’s slowest scooter, however, had decided that enough was enough.  It would go no further up the dirt track.  You can’t really see it in this photo, but the temperamental beast is parked sulkily at the bottom of the road.

Apparently only one of us really wanted to check out the view that day.

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