The Friday Photo #81 – Defacing the neighbourhood

As my last few days in Melbourne draw to a close I have been hunting around for a photo that defines the city for me.  Sure I have pictures of cafes, a tram or two, the MCG.  Thinking back on my time here, though, and especially in the inner northern suburbs I’ve called home, there is one thing that seemed to sum the place up at least as well as any of those.

Street art.

Especially in Fitzroy, my home for 18 months, street art is everywhere.  The work of often highly talented artists, any plain surface seems to be fair game.  Seeing designs come and go, being whitewashed over and appearing anew, was one of the things I loved about my old neighbourhood the most.

This piece was one of many in a long line on Rose St, home to a weekend artist’s market and only a few hundred metres from where I used to live.

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  • Absolutely love the street art in Melbs! There is so much that I see every day in St Kilda and Prahran that I really need to document with a few photos before I leave.

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