The Friday Photo #75 – A summer’s day in San Francisco

Ahhh, San Francisco.  Home of cable cars, steep streets, Chinatown … and fog.  Lots and lots of fog.

The sun-soaked road trip that had bought us to the famous northern Californian city had set us up for disappointment as our rented Mustang nosed through the greyness and onto the Golden Gate bridge.  The summery tones of that cliched song seemed somewhat out of place as we twisted the dial on the heater towards the ‘blast furnace’ setting.

So this is summer in San Francisco?  I think I’ll take … well … any other option, thanks.


2 Responses to “The Friday Photo #75 – A summer’s day in San Francisco

  • Ha ha – that looks just like a photo I took a couple of months ago. But it’s crazy – fog completely covering one side of the city and then bright sunshine on the other. Make up your mind, San Franciso!

  • SF feels more like Seattle than a California city.. I’ve never understood the fog.. hate it. But I do love that city.. You have to go during the fall. We had unseasonably warm weather the 2nd week of Nov last year when I went for my birthday..high 60’s.. was freakin fantastic..

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