The Friday Photo #68 – Which way did he go?

Peering cheetahs

Cheetah are the fastest land animals on the planet, reaching speeds of over 100km/h as they hunt down their prey.

That doesn’t help much, of course, when you don’t know which way it went.  Just ask these guys.


(This photo was taken by my good friend Bec when she was back in South Africa recently – back, in fact, at the same game reserve where we had our close encounter with a leopard a few years ago.)

3 Responses to “The Friday Photo #68 – Which way did he go?

    • Thanks Andi! I knew as soon as I saw this pic that I had to publish it … thanks to Bec for letting me 😉

  • Lucky for several Nyala, these two were not the fastest or most motivated Cheetahs in the Village. They made several half arsed attempts to grab a passing snack but gave up within 50 metres each time.

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