The Friday Photo #66 – Piering into the mist

Piering.  Get it?  Pier … mist … piering … oh never mind.

I thought it was funny.

Anyway, this slippery pier overlooks Lake Rotoroa, in the Nelson Lakes district of New Zealand’s South Island.

It’s a beautiful spot when the sun is shining.  This day, however?  It wasn’t.

At least the damp conditions meant we had the place to ourselves.  If you don’t count the sandflies, that is…

2 Responses to “The Friday Photo #66 – Piering into the mist

  • Nigel D
    6 years ago

    The overcast day, the cloud shrouded mountains and the pier disappearing into the lake makes for one of those moody, evocative photos. Fortunately you can’t see the sandflies!

  • Hey, I liked the ‘piering’ joke and the photo is amazing.

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