The Friday Photo #55 – Temple on the rock, Halong Bay

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Moored up at sunset during a two day cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam, the warm breeze and great company bought a contented smile to my face.  This is the life.  As the light started to disappear I took the opportunity to snap a few last photos, including this one of a Buddhist temple perched high on a steep rocky outcrop in the middle of the bay.

The logistics of people building a temple up there defy belief, really.  Quite how they managed it was a topic of much discussion over a few beers for the rest of the night …

4 Responses to “The Friday Photo #55 – Temple on the rock, Halong Bay

  • Kent Lo
    9 years ago

    The silhouette of the small hut on top of an island, give a big space for imagination

  • What a wonderful photo. I’m full of curiosity about that temple! Can you imagine what the view from there must be like?

    • I reckon the only thing better than the view from the boat that evening would have been the view from that temple!

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