The Friday Photo #44 – And not a rat in sight

Mistaking the native marsupial quokka for a large rat, a Dutch sea captain named this small island off the coast of Western Australia ‘Rattenest’ back in the 17th century.

Modern day Rottnest Island is a gorgeous place with no cars, great weather and a chilled out vibe.  Cycling around from empty beach to empty beach was the perfect way to spend an afternoon and with views like this, that’s probably no surprise.

Just looking at this photo makes me want to go back…

One Response to “The Friday Photo #44 – And not a rat in sight

  • rebecca
    7 years ago

    Seeing this I think “wow that is so beautiful, what country is that, I must go there!” yet to my suprise, it is my home country…. Its funny how quick we are to travel other countries and not realise the wonders in our own!

    thankyou for bringing this place to my attention, it is a Must Do!!!

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