The Friday Photo #42 – Traffic jam in Vietnam

After a few lunchtime beers in Hoi An a mate and I decided there could be no better time to hire a couple of bikes and head out exploring.  The ride down the main road toward the beach was scenic enough, but it was when he veered off road onto a dusty track through the fields that things started to get really interesting.

Like running into this guy taking his water buffalo for a walk, for instance.  There was no room to get past, so we jumped off the bikes and gave him a wave as he smiled and slowly wandered by.

That’s pretty much just how things work in Vietnam, really.

3 Responses to “The Friday Photo #42 – Traffic jam in Vietnam

  • Nothing is better than hopping on a motorbike in Vietnam and cruising through the countryside. You will always encounter lovely locals. Nice pic.

  • very impressive photo, clearly show the facial expression of the cow rider….

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