The Friday Photo #27 – Ypres, Belgium

Ypres is a beautiful little town in Belgium, with flowing canals, medieval cathedrals and city walls protecting the winding streets of an old city that dates back many centuries.

Except it doesn’t.  The area around Ypres was ground zero on the Western Front during World War One, and was completely flattened by the bombs and mortars of both sides.  After the war was over the town was entirely rebuilt from scratch, so everything you see as you wander around is less than one hundred years old.  Not that you would ever know – the restoration work was really quite remarkable.

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  • Georgia
    6 years ago

    Hi Dave. greetings from Malaysia. I just got to know about your blog, love the way you write, so honestly 🙂 and you write very well :))
    I saw this picture of Ypres (Ieper). I will be there this coming Oct 2011, as part of my WW1 Battle field guided tour.

    I’ve been thinking like “forever” to travel, and you mentioned all the excuses possible lol. so finally, some time in march 2011, i started saving… not alot, but enough to allow me to travel to Europe for 20days. i should write an article on how Euro ate up my Ringgits 😛

    It will be my 1st solo travelling backpacking experience. but i am some how ready lol. does it make sense? ha ha.

    Anyways, keep writing & i look forward to reading your writings 🙂


  • Hi Georgia, and thanks so much!

    Those trips around the battlefields are amazing … very powerful.

    20 days is a lot more than many people manage in their entire lives – especially when you come from somewhere like Malaysia where the exchange rate doesn’t help you at all when you go to Europe! Congratulations on making the effort!

    Have a wonderful time, and make sure you let me know how it all went when you come back! 🙂

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