The Friday Photo #18 – Tad Fan waterfall, Laos

At over 120m tall, the Tad Fan waterfall in Southern Laos is believed to be one of the tallest in the country.  Emerging from the jungle high on the Boloven Plateau, the awesome power of the falling water can be heard for miles around.

4 Responses to “The Friday Photo #18 – Tad Fan waterfall, Laos

  • Damn, I definitely need to make a return trip for Laos.

    Looks right up my alley!

  • I reckon it would be! Of course, if you had managed to get your butt outta Siem Reap a little earlier … 😉

  • I’ll be in the area! Three more months 🙂 Looks amazing.

  • If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend hiring a scooter (or something bigger) in Pakse and riding round the Bolaven Plateau for at least a couple of days. It’s a beautiful place and you get to meet the people in the local villages etc much more than if you were on the kinda expensive package tours that are on offer…

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