The Friday Photo #160 – Rocking out at Moeraki

The coastline between Oamaru and Dunedin is a rugged, wind-swept sort of a place.  It’s beautiful in the way that many of the South Island’s eastern beaches are, all pounding waves and spray-filled air, but it’s not typically somewhere that many tourists would stop.

Except, of course, for a long strip of sand near the little township of Moeraki.

On that particular strip of sand lies literally dozens of spherical boulders, ranging from fairly small to over two metres across.  They look as if a bunch of giants scooped them up from wherever they found them and threw them down the beach, cracking many of them in the process.

The scientific version is far less interesting – something to do with cemented mudstone being exposed by erosion.

I think I like my version better.

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