The Friday Photo #157 – Hanging with the ducks

I must have driven past that road sign a hundred times without stopping.  A few kilometres north of Murchison, the turn-off to Lake Rotoroa had long beckoned but I’d always been in too much of a hurry.  This time, though?  Well, we were only going as far as Hanmer Springs, and really, what was the rush?  I hit the indicator, stomped on the brakes and wheeled the car left over the bridge.

The road ended 11 kilometres later at a small carpark.  It seemed like a popular camping spot, although the swarm of sandflies that greeted us as we opened the doors made me wonder why.  We didn’t stay long – just a few minutes of wandering along the shoreline snapping photos and disturbing a small family of ducks.

It was a completely unnecessary detour – which of course, made it all the more enjoyable.  There are so many places like this in New Zealand – just follow a random sign and see where it leads.  It’s rare indeed to end up disappointed.

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