The Friday Photo #156 – Looking up in Kuala Lumpur

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In a typically unplanned quirk of fate, we’d managed to time our arrival in Kuala Lumpur for the weekend of the Malaysia F1 Grand Prix.  The already hectic Malaysian capital had turned the dial to 11, with billboards and other advertising everywhere bombarding us with details of the big event.

Nowhere was this more evident than outside the Petronas Twin Towers on the Friday evening, where a massive party was in full swing.  Large crowds gathered behind the temporary fencing to listen to an over-amplified local band, while slightly confused-looking models paraded around nearby.

I was really only there to take pictures of the towers, and even doing that was a challenge.  Trying to find a photo spot that wasn’t barricaded off and didn’t have thirty other people’s heads in took the better part of half an hour.

Still, I got there in the end.

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