The Friday Photo #147 – An unexpected find

Leaving Raglan and New Zealand’s west coast behind for a while, we turned inland as we headed south to Waitomo.  Not far from town, though, we saw a simple sign on the side of the road.

“Bridal Veil Falls, 13km”

On a whim and with a couple of hours to spare, we hit the indicators and followed the sign.  It took ten minutes to drive there, and another ten minutes to walk down to the base of the falls.

I think it was worth it.

While the country’s major tourist attractions are justifiably famous, it’s the random things off the main roads that make New Zealand special.

4 Responses to “The Friday Photo #147 – An unexpected find

  • Love that you pointed out the unexpected gems that often lie off the well-worn path. I envy your experience driving, slowly, through New Zealand. Two years ago I tagged along on a swift tour from Christchurch to Milford Sound in 6 short days. Longed to turn off the road and camp for a day or two at least, but still an incredible glimpse and visit. Good to leave a place feeling you’d like to return.

    • If it’s any consolation, I’m not sure that any length of time will feel long enough – we’ll be here two months, and already (3 weeks in) we’re feeling a bit rushed!

  • Cole @
    5 years ago

    Gorgeous. Just makes me miss home even more.

  • Brilliant! Great find! New Zealand is full of natural beautiful wonders! defently an under explored country

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