The Friday Photo #143 – Looking down the Yarra

I’m back in Melbourne at the moment, chilling out for a couple of weeks with my family and enjoying approximately 14 cuddles per second from my little nephew.

On New Year’s Eve I went for a walk around the city for hours, occasionally stopping for a drink at riverside bars but generally just enjoying wandering around my old haunts.  I had nowhere in particular to be at that time, in that place, on that beautifully sunny day, and that was just how things needed to be..

On days like this, it is almost impossible not to love Melbourne.  I didn’t even try to resist.

2 Responses to “The Friday Photo #143 – Looking down the Yarra

  • aaaafff Dave. Living from the other side of the world (Lisbon). I always dream of visiting Austrália and went to Melbourne. It must be a fantastic city… Have a great year, man!
    ps – just like you, sometimes i like to wandering and walking in my city with no destiny. Just watching people and tourists passing by, sit in a little café and drink beer with a nice book or company.

  • That looks great! I’m looking forward to visiting Australia. I’ll get there somewhere in the later months of 2013 probably. Any pointers, without getting too specific?

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