The Friday Photo #132 – Swimming in a dress

Swimming in a dress

Spending two weeks on a yacht off the coast of Turkey wasn’t just about sunbathing, sailing and snorkelling, you  know.

Well, actually it was – but it was also about raising money for the wonderful One Girl non-profit that I mention regularly around here.  Educate a girl and she’ll change the world.

So, as I’ve done before for a half-marathon, bungy jump and in front of 1000 people at a conference, I donned a school dress once more.

I have many ridiculous photos from those 14 days in a girl’s school uniform – trust me, this is merely one of them.

As I write this, my goal is only $179 away.  If every person that reads this donates even a dollar or two, I can smash my target and put at least eight girls through school this year.

Will you help?

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