The Friday Photo #129 – Sunset in the harbour

It had been a long day’s sailing by the time we finally moored in Kalkan, a small town on Turkey’s southern coast.  I dropped the anchor, raised the hammock and settled into a good book and a few well-deserved cold beers from the bottom of the fridge.

My revelry was interrupted, however, by a gorgeous sunset as the glowing orange ball plunged into the sea below the harbour walls.  I had to go all the way down to my cabin to grab my camera.

Well, I guess there are worse problems to have…

10 Responses to “The Friday Photo #129 – Sunset in the harbour

  • Just look at that jogger!

    Magnificent, truly.

  • Glad you are enjoying Turkey. Don’t forget to visit Bodrum.

    • I actually just finished a week in Kadakalisi, not far from Bodrum. Didn’t see much of Bodrum itself, other than the dolmus station.

  • Great pic. It’s now sitting proudly on our Turkey Sunsets Pinterest board. Got the interview questions coming your way shortly re your sailing trip. 🙂

  • Wonderful sunset shot from Kalkan!! I enjoyed a few of these over the years, can’t get enough of them : ) Enjoyed your interview with the Turkish Travel Blog, hope you have a great time in Turkey!

  • Svetlana
    5 years ago

    oooh Turkey Turkey beautiful Turkey 🙂 I miss Istanbul so much and this post is kind of reminding to me 🙂 have a great time there, why you never go to Ukraine, Dave? 😛

    • It really is an amazing city hey? And don’t worry, Ukraine is on my list … just too many places to go, too little time! 😉

      • Svetlana
        5 years ago

        Istanbul it’s something amazing 🙂 I don’t travel that much but it was he frist city where I didn’t even take my camera because everything happened on feelings, on atmosphere, I don’t know how to explain it.

        okay) so glad to hear that your blog will show some Ukrainian moments 🙂 of course the best time to come here is May-June, now it’s a bit cold (+12 )

        enjoy your trip, say hi to turkish cats 😛

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