The Friday Photo #124 – Controlled chaos in Istanbul

If I’d thought the tourist-thronged streets of Istanbul’s Sultanahmet were crowded, I was in for a shock as I neared the ferry port beside the Galata bridge.  The whole area was simply heaving with people and boats, announcements ringing out over the loudspeakers, vendors selling anything they could carry, and families rushing to and fro as they tried not to miss their ride.  Gulls wheeled and screamed above, while humans wheeled and screamed below.

Fishermen dangled lines in the water, looking down on the mayhem with the detachment of those who see scenes like this every day.

Me, though?  I just stood and watched, transfixed for a while.

Istanbul, in all its beautiful, chaotic wonderfulness, is now officially one of my favourite cities in the world. Moments like this are just one of the reasons why.

7 Responses to “The Friday Photo #124 – Controlled chaos in Istanbul

  • I look forward to seeing this scene myself. No plans just yet, but will get there one day!

  • Galata bridge is great for people watching!!

  • Yea, I’m with you on “favotrite cities”. I spent four days there a few years ago and walked all over the place; sitting on a cushion on the side of the street drinking tea, watching a very diverse set of people walk by. I was struck by the fact that Muslims, Christians,, all live and exist together in working harmony. I hold out Istanbul as a model for future majority Muslim cities. Great place.

  • Susan Promo
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the info – it looks stunning. A little too busy for me, but stunning nonetheless!

  • I spent 5 years in Istanbul, still got shocked with its beauty.. Actually calling “it” is not enough, Istanbul is a “she”, she either makes you cry or laugh, a feminine city.

  • It’s one of the prettier traffic jams I’ve seen recently, though!

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