The Friday Photo #119 – Wildfires in Montana

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With an unseasonal hot spell gripping much of the USA, wildfires have sadly raged out of control in several states in recent weeks.  We had seen smoke on the horizon while leaving Colorado, and had heard reports of major fires in Montana as well.

Driving towards the Lewis and Clark caverns late one afternoon, the truth of those reports was impossible to ignore.  Huge black plumes almost blotted out the sun, the choking smell of wood smoke coming in through every tiny gap in the car.

The power of nature was all around.

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  • Hi Dave,

    May I know the name of the plug in you’re using for the related articles? They look great.


    • Hi Allan – it’s by a company called ‘nRelate’, and it’s actually two different (but related) plugins to do the ones at the bottom of the posts and the ones at the side. Just look up that name in the plugin directory and you’ll see the ones I mean. 🙂

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