The Friday Photo #111 – Sunset in La Coruna

Sunset in La Coruna

I spent this week visiting friends in La Coruna, a small city on the Galician coast of northwest Spain.  It’s a wonderful place, relaxing and highly enjoyable despite the cool winds that blew off the Atlantic for much of my stay.

Like much of the rest of the country the food and drink are simply incredible, the people are vibrant and the cobbled streets of the maze-like old town provide hours of exploration (whether that is the intention or not…).

What impressed me most, however?  The expansive views.  There are dozens, maybe hundreds of perfect vantage points to stop for a while, gazing over the rocky coastline and out into the blue.

It’s even more impressive at sunset.

Just a little longer
Six days in La Coruna


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    May 25, 2012

    Dramatic :)

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    Antonio Matos

    May 25, 2012

    Yeah! La Coruna is a very nice city with that big coastline. The harbour on one side and the beaches on the other. The views from the lighthouse.
    The litte streets with little restaurants. Ah and the spanish girls... "me gusta" :-)
    Enjoy your stay!

    You have time to go to Santiago Compostela? and Finisterra?


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    What an unforgettable sunset!

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    Jen Ryder

    May 26, 2012


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