The Friday Photo #101 – As the mist clears, Bali

En-route to a cycling trip an hour out of Ubud we stopped for breakfast at an open-air restaurant with amazing views of … nothing.

It had been damp and foggy all morning, and a blanket of grey stretched as far as the eye could see.  Our guide was adamant that breath-taking views lay out there somewhere, but as the coffee and pancakes came out we had only his word to go on.

Half an hour later, all was different.  The last tendrils of fog were disappearing as the rain clouds gave way to bright sunshine, and the rice terraces below suddenly came into view.

Maybe that guide was right after all…

5 Responses to “The Friday Photo #101 – As the mist clears, Bali

  • This photo puts Eat, Pray, Love to shame. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  • Nice. Great variety of greens.

  • To be honest, Bali had never really appealed to me, because I’m more the “off the beaten track” kind of traveller, but then in 2009 I was there on a transit stop for a day (I know, only a day!), and wow was I wrong. Sure, there are lots of really heavily touristed parts, but there are also really secluded, sublime places as well. This beautiful picture and your evocative writing have just brought back to me what I loved about Bali, and why I’m going back for 10 days later this year.

    • Yep, that’s very true. There are some truly horrible parts of Bali — Kuta beach, to start with — but there are some absolutely glorious parts too, and they aren’t all that hard to find. Even ten minutes out of Ubud, you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Glorious.

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