The $100 Startup Sale: save a fortune, change your world, maybe even get your money back.

Six months ago I walked away from my corporate life for the last time.  I’d done it many times before to travel, but last November it was different.  I was travelling, sure, but I was also building an online business.  I want to live this life forever, and – until money starts growing on trees – that means I also need to fund it.

A fair chunk of both the inspiration and the detailed how-to information that got me over the line came from two sources: Chris Guillibeau’s fantastic blog, books and World Domination Summit, and a few crazy three-day course and ebook sales over the last 18 months.  Without these resources I suspect I would never have built up the courage to do what I’m doing, or had the faintest clue how to do it.

Well, there’s another Only72 sale.  It’s a similar idea to last time – $1000+ worth of digital guides, ebooks and courses, for $100.  There’s an extra bonus this time around though.  Chris Guillibeau’s new book “The $100 Startup” comes out in a week or so, based on case studies of 50 people who have turned a very modest investment into successful businesses pulling in over $50,000 per year.

“In nearly all cases, people with no special skills discovered aspects of their personal passions that could be monetized, and were able to restructure their lives in ways that gave them greater freedom and fulfillment.”

Does that sound like you?  I hope so.  It should.

If you’d like it to, the good news is that this sale includes a hardcover copy of the book when it’s released, shipped anywhere in the world.  Nice.

Of course the bulk of the value of this sale lies in the electronic books and guides.  Covering a wide variety of business-building topics, there’s something here for everyone interested in leaving the status quo behind and building something profitable based on their passion.

The full list is here, from the inspirational stuff (figuring out what you’re passionate about  and then living off that passion, building a blog that matters, getting up the courage to make the change) to the detailed how-to of turning your hobby into a business, sorting out the infrastructure, even building iPhone apps if that’s your thing, and a whole bunch more.

The icing on the cake

Ok, so this is awesome enough by itself, but I’ve decided to put my own money where my mouth is on this one.  You see, the thing is I really want people to buy into opportunities like this.  Why?

It’s quite simple.

I f*cking love my life.  I love waking up every morning and working on exactly what I want to.  Some days that might be nothing, some days it might be 15 hours of hard slog, but I love the freedom to decide.  I love that I can change direction – in business or in life – and I don’t need to ask for permission.  I can build something new, go to a new city, fly to the other side of the world on a whim, and it’s entirely up to me.

Freedom rocks.

So I’m putting this offer out there.  Buy this package (soon – it’s only available for 72 hours), share this post with your friends if you’re so inclined, and send a copy of the sales receipt to dave at

When the sale is finished on Thursday, I’ll randomly pick one of the people that mailed me and give them their money back in the form of an Amazon voucher.  Simple as that.  No strings attached.  Call it a thankyou for all your support over the last 2.5 years.

Right, so what are you waiting for?  Go check the sale out, and if it sounds like you, maybe just make a start on finding that freedom yourself.

PS:  While I do truly believe in the awesomeness of these deals – I’ve bought every single one myself since 2010 – in the interest of transparency it’s worth mentioning that I do get a percentage of each sale that is made through this site.

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