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Why I Lost 30 Pounds When I Stopped Travelling

November 28, 2016 | Fitness | 17 Comments

Everyone loses weight when they travel, apparently.

All that walking around new cities, hiking in the mountains, swimming in warm oceans. None of the terrible Western diet, or sitting in a cubicle for 50 hours a week. So much spare time for exercise and looking after yourself. I mean, basically it’s impossible not to drop a few pounds, right?

So why, after four and half years on the road, was I fifteen pounds heavier than when I started? Why was I still getting acne despite barely remembering being a teenager, and having chronic digestive problems? Why was I tired all the time, sluggish, bloated, and feeling every one of my forty years on the planet?

The answer, like it usually is with these things, was simple when you break it down. Diet and exercise.

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