Stuart, scooter, and rickety bridge, Mekong road trip

An Epic 11-Day Scooter Trip Through the Mekong Delta

My epic 11 day scooter road trip through Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

View over the shoulder, scooter to Pai

Chiang Mai to Pai on the World’s Slowest Scooter

Riding from Chiang Mai to Pai on the world's slowest scooter. 762 bends, gorgeous views and an awful lot of time to enjoy them both...

Leopard close-up

Some of the Stupidest Things I’ve Done While Travelling

As you know, I’ve been doing this travelling thing for a while now.  I’d like to think that I’ve got...

Water and wheels on the Bolaven Plateau

There’s no doubt that for the independent traveller in Laos, any more than two wheels are a waste.  Buses, minivans...

Boys, beers and bikes in Vietnam

Of the many things I love about travelling solo, by far the best is that unless you really can’t get...