road trip

Still water, Lands End, Maine

Why the Hell Did It Take Me so Long to Go to Maine?

I'd always wanted to go to Maine, and when I finally did, all I could do was wonder what the hell had taken me so long.

Kolmanskop doors

My Ultimate Guide to Traveling in Namibia

My huge free Namibia guide: destinations, safety, driving, food, and much more.

Stuart, scooter, and rickety bridge, Mekong road trip

An Epic 11-Day Scooter Trip Through the Mekong Delta

My epic 11 day scooter road trip through Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

Nothern Thailand scooter trip - empty mountain road

My Epic 8-Day Northern Thailand Motorcycle Road Trip

Two scooters. Three people. Eight days. 1385 kilometres. Thousands of photos. Stray dogs. Mountain roads. Stunning vistas. Lumpy beds. Sore...

Mustang and 101 sign

From Seattle to San Diego: An Epic 3-Week Road Trip on US Route 101

From Seattle to San Francisco on the amazing Route 101. In a convertible Mustang, of course.