Sand dunes and Dave

Less Is More

After travelling for five years, I was so sick of it, I thought I'd never get my travel buzz back. I finally did, learning less is actually more.

Dave at the mast

Why I Lost 30 Pounds When I Stopped Travelling

Long-term travel made me fat and miserable. When I stopped, I lost 30 pounds. Here's why.

Dave, Koh Rong

15 Life Lessons from 15 Years of Travel

Early February, 1998. Janet Jackson had just hit number one on the Billboard charts, Bill Gates had just received a...

Walking Dave

A day in the life

It’s 7:59am. All is quiet in a darkened room in Bucharest.  Blankets lie discarded on the floor.  The room was...

Lottery ticket

Why I don’t need 640 million dollars

I woke up the other morning to a Facebook feed that was slightly different to normal.  Sure it had the...


9 Life Lessons from a Song About Sunscreen

Music is a powerful thing. It can make us deliriously happy and terribly sad. It forces us to snap our...

Life is too short

You will not be here forever

Life is too short. It’s a phrase I hear from those around me all the time. Life’s too short to...

The long search for passion

It took more than three decades, but I’ve finally found my passion.  For most of that time I hadn’t even...

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