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Less Is More

April 7, 2017 | Travel | 8 Comments

Travel sucks.

This time last year, that’s what I’d have said if you’d asked about life on the road. I was completely sick of it, and it was making me sick in return.

I’d been on the move for nearly five years, and the passion was gone. Where once lay a burning desire to see the world, the smallest flicker remained. I barely cared where I was going next, dragging my backpack from country to country in an indistinguishable blur of airports and Airbnb apartments.

The views and the food changed, but everything else stayed the same. Working all the time, I hardly saw any of the places I stayed in, even when I spent months there. What did I do in Oaxaca, or Taipei, or Madrid? I’ve no idea, but whatever it was, it was less than most visitors would have done in a long weekend.

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Dave at the mast

Why I Lost 30 Pounds When I Stopped Travelling

November 28, 2016 | Fitness | 17 Comments

Everyone loses weight when they travel, apparently.

All that walking around new cities, hiking in the mountains, swimming in warm oceans. None of the terrible Western diet, or sitting in a cubicle for 50 hours a week. So much spare time for exercise and looking after yourself. I mean, basically it’s impossible not to drop a few pounds, right?

So why, after four and half years on the road, was I fifteen pounds heavier than when I started? Why was I still getting acne despite barely remembering being a teenager, and having chronic digestive problems? Why was I tired all the time, sluggish, bloated, and feeling every one of my forty years on the planet?

The answer, like it usually is with these things, was simple when you break it down. Diet and exercise.

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Dave, Koh Rong

15 Life Lessons from 15 Years of Travel

February 14, 2013 | Advice, Travel | 125 Comments

For the last decade and a half I’ve been addicted to life on the road. Here, then, are fifteen life lessons from my last fifteen years of travel. .

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Walking Dave

A day in the life

August 19, 2012 | Bulgaria, Romania, Travel | 20 Comments

It’s 7:59am.

All is quiet in a darkened room in Bucharest. Blankets lie discarded on the floor. The room was hot again last night, and sleep was hard to come by.

The phone alarm blasts into life, jolting me awake. Walls are so thin here that I doubt anybody in the hostel slept through it. Fumbling for the source, I flail at it until the noise stops.

That technique probably isn’t in the manual.

Groaning out of bed, I stumble towards the shower. It’s down to a fine art now. Bathroom. Shower. Pack. Leave. 45 minutes on a good day.

Today is indeed a good day. There is still time to walk past the kitchen on the way out, wolfing down toast, boiled eggs and the half-cup of coffee still left in the machine. Thank the lord for an included breakfast.

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Lottery ticket

Why I don’t need 640 million dollars

April 4, 2012 | Article, Travel | 23 Comments

I woke up the other morning to a Facebook feed that was slightly different to normal.  Sure it had the…

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9 life lessons from a song about sunscreen

August 29, 2011 | Advice, Travel | 25 Comments

Music is a powerful thing.

Songs can make us deliriously happy and terribly sad. They make us snap our fingers, tap our feet and dance until we can’t stand up. Music soothes the soul and starts revolutions.

Sometimes it can even inspire us to live a better life.

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Life is too short

You will not be here forever

May 23, 2011 | Advice, Travel | 30 Comments

Life’s too short.

It’s a phrase I hear from those around me all the time.

Life’s too short to spend in meetings.

It’s too short to drink bad coffee.

Too short to stand in line, too short to spend in traffic, too short to fold your underwear.

Yeah, it is too short for that stuff. But it’s also way too short for a whole bunch of things that actually matter.

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The long search for passion

February 15, 2011 | Article, Travel | 50 Comments

It took more than three decades, but I’ve finally found my passion. For most of that time I hadn’t even known it was missing.

For much of my twenties I had no idea what my passion was. Actually to be honest I didn’t have much of an idea about what passion was full stop. I wasn’t particularly excited about anything in life – my career, my relationship, my future direction. Even my travels often felt more like going through the motions than anything else.

From the outside I seemed to have a great life – working for a top finance company in different parts of the world, a long term girlfriend, travelling to dozens of countries – and yet on the inside was a big gaping hole. I had no idea what was missing, but something certainly was.

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