The Paradise Pack Sale: Travel the World, Work From Anywhere And Help Build a School

Just a quick post today to let you know about a big three-day sale called The Paradise Pack that I’m a part of. It’s a bundle of 12 guides and courses that will help you achieve your goals, save money on travel and provide tools to let you work from anywhere in the world, including my tech guide for digital nomads, Hammocks and Hard Drives.

The website went live a few minutes ago, and for the next 72 hours you can pick up the pack for just $97 (that’s a saving of over seven hundred dollars!). Even better, $10 from every sale is going to Pencils of Promise to help build a school for kids in Guatemala. Great resources for you, and a school for kids in Central America. Awesome.

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So, what’s in the pack? Well… all of this!

  • Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts: The Ultimate Guide To Frequent Flyer Miles (value $77)
  • Sean Ogle from Location180: The Info-Product Blueprint (value $97)
  • Natalie Sisson from The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Build Your Online Business (value $47)
  • Derek Johanson from Live Uncomfortably: Copy Hour (value $139)
  • Cody McKibben from the Digital Nomad Academy: (3 month membership value $141)
  • Rob and Mish from Making It Anywhere: Airbnb Pro (value $30)
  • Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo: How To Get Free Accommodation Around The World (value $19.99)
  • Nat and Jodie from International House Sitting: ‘How to Have a Kick Ass House Sitting Profile’ Course, Annual Subscription to ‘House Sitting World’ Mobile Digital Magazine plus access to private Facebook group exclusively for house sitting (value $57)
  • Ethan Waldman from The Cloud Coach: Inbox Zero Email Management Course (value $77)
  • Jason Moore from Zero To Travel: Travel Work Pack: Breaking Into Event Touring Course
  • Claire Brummell from Love Polarity and Passion: Traveling Together : How To Explore The World Without Ruining Your Relationship Video Course (value $67)
    and, of course…
  • Dave Dean from Too Many Adapters (that’s me!): Hammocks and Hard Drives: The Tech Guide for Digital Nomads (value $10)

Please, if you’re interested in this bundle, don’t delay in picking it up. It’s available for strictly 72 hours — until 11:59am PST on June 5th, to be precise — and after that time, there’s unfortunately nothing I can do to get you a copy.

So, in other words, go buy it now. You get a bunch of fantastically-helpful resources at an unbeatable price, I get a few dollars to help keep me on the road, and kids in Guatemala get a new school. Perfect!

If you’ve got any questions about the sale, just reply to this email and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Thanks for your support. 🙂

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  • Ahhh, can’t believe I missed that. It’s like an awesome tool box for the digital nomad!

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