The Friday Photo #189 – Making new friends

I recently spent a few days in the small town of Yelapa, leaving my laptop behind for some quality hammock and beach time. It’s a beautiful spot, accessible only by boat or, apparently, a length hack through the jungle – strangely enough, we opted for the water taxi!

The hotel we were staying was brilliant, albeit pricey for Mexico – open air and overlooking the river, it was the perfect place to relax. Well, until sunrise that is, when the local rooster population decided to celebrate another day of being alive.

They weren’t the only animals that we made the acquaintance of, however. There were a couple of cats, several dogs, a few mosquitoes and – after heavy rain one night – this friendly toad who decided he’d much rather hang out behind our bed than weather the storm outside.

It’s hard to blame him, really.

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