The Friday Photo #186 – Wonder why it’s called the Iguana Tree?

Beaches and animals, beaches and animals… they seem to be a common theme in my Friday photos lately. To be fair, they’re a common theme in my life at the moment as well.

Here in Sayulita iguanas are a common sight, scrambling up (and then falling out of) trees, terrorising the local chicken population or just slinking away into the undergrowth whenever someone approaches a little too close. Having never been anywhere else where they’re such a fixture, I’m totally enamored every time I see one.

There’s a particular tree on one of the side streets that’s locally famous for its resident iguana population – it and they are apparently both protected. At least, I think that’s what the sign says.

I happened to walk past it today, and glanced upwards to see this particularly impressive specimen sitting motionless on a branch. Perhaps it was just getting a good vantage point for the Day of the Dead celebrations that were due to start later in the day…

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