The Friday Photo #185 – Go little turtle go

I know, I know, it’s another Sayulita beach photo… but this one’s a bit different.

Every day this week a local turtle conservation organisation has been releasing endangered baby turtles into the ocean at sunset. It’s all very low key, with a few tourists and locals watching as a small section of beach is cleared and the little creatures set off in a frantic flapping dash towards the breaking waves.

Under natural conditions only one in a thousand babies even make it to the water, so the volunteers do everything they can to improve their chances. Collecting the hatchlings and waiting until sunset means that the ever-present sea birds won’t get a free snack, while a beach free of obstructions and roaming dogs has to help as well.

Despite the low odds, it’s hard not to root for the cute little things as they stumble down the beach. I may even have cheered when this one finally got covered in surf, sucked into the waves as the last rays of light disappeared over the horizon.

I hope she made it.


4 Responses to “The Friday Photo #185 – Go little turtle go

  • So cute!
    But wow I didn’t realise their odds for survival were so low. They need every help they can get!

    • Yeah… and the sad thing is that the odds don’t get any better once they’re in the water… apparently only 1/1000 of those that make it to the ocean survive to adulthood. Sadface.

  • Nigel D
    4 years ago

    Great to see conservationists doing such a good job to try and improve the odds. You hear so many stories of the damage the human race are doing to many of our ancient species it is a pleasant change to hear this kind of news. It is all about survival of the fittest but maybe your little friend might make it.

  • awww adorable!

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